Meeting Minutes

October 27, 2021


Call to Order @ 7:00 pm

Roll Call of Trustees : All Present


President- Nicole Fitzgerald            Secretary- Nancy Mouradjian

V.P- Nicholas Campbell            Trustee- Fred. Boogren

Treasurer- Frank Kren                Trustee- Victoria Wilcox


Previous Meeting Minutes- Approved

Frank motioned, Victoria seconded


Presidents Report

We are all set for Halloween. Time for trick or treating is 6-8 according to Frenchtown. There will be coffee, cider, hot cocoa, 10 dozen donuts, candy, and caprisuns in the pavilion. Remainder of Halloween decorations will be put up on Sunday October 31, 2021 because it will be raining Saturday the 29th. 


One of the Skeletons was inadvertently taken away via yard waste truck.


Security cameras are almost completely installed


We, the board,are working diligently to get to know our rolls  better in order to serve. our residents more efficiently. This includes reaching out to the community for help, combining our resources to produce a greater outcome.


Committee Reports 


Financial Report (Frank)

We continue to create a budget. Frank created a mock budget because there was never a budget. So until more numbers come in for things like office, maintenance, replacement, bill etc. the budget will be a work in progress. 


As of October 27th, we came in under our Halloween allotted budget. 9 gallons of cider, 10 dozen donuts, 13 large bags of candy, 6 cases of caprisuns, 108 hot beverage cups, 100 cold beverage cups, 2 cambros (Tim Hortons) hot cocoa, 2 cambros (Tim Hortons) coffee,and 250 glow necklaces.


 Frank is  creating a finance committee. One asset of this committee is the accounting firm the association utilizes annually. Frank would like to add one or two more members to the committee. Individuals interested can call, email, or FaceBook Message.


Building, Maintenance and Grounds (Nick)

Nick continues to work on creating a Building, Maintenance and grounds committee, but this takes volunteers. If individuals are interested they should email or FB message. Currently we have Tony Spear and Victoria Wilcox. Nick continues to look for a truck for the grounds committee to replace the old truck. Nick is also Wanting Volunteers to help with cleaning the parks on Sundays and/or Mondays. Individuals interested can call, email, or FaceBook Message.


Tony Spear has been helping in the parks. He began repairing park benches and completed one thus far in Bear Park. He put small piles of wood chips that were sitting in a larger pile, by the swings at Bear Park,  near each tree in the park. They were then spread by Nicole Fitzgerald. Tony Spear Installed a french drain in Bronson Park to ease the flooding around the play equipment. The only thing purchased for that project by the association was the stone. Tony Spear donated his time and all of the other supplies needed to install the french drain.


Law and Order Committee

Blight was sent out earlier this month. Some older teens tried to steal a stop sign on Fairview and were caught. The sign was returned and reinstalled by officers, later to actually to be stolen again. 


2059 house was reported to the office as being left wide open. Nicole sent Nick to check it out,  he contacted officers, state police came, did a sweep of the home and declared it to have been vacant for approximately a couple weeks. Nick screwed the doors shut as an attempt to protect the home as well as deter curious kids. The officer stated that the house should be secured because there are safety issues with the home.


The office received a complaint that kids were knocking on doors and running away. All we can suggest is, if this becomes an ongoing issue email


There have been many stinky fires within the neighborhood that are actually causing residents to get ill. We just want to remind individuals that we want to burn stuff but to try to be respectful about it. 


Nicole had a meeting with Sheriff Goodnough. There will be more police presence. If there are problems that the residents see, with as much description, the sheriff invites the residents to email They are pretty fast about physically responding and then will usually send you an update email. The sheriff also said that this email is located on their website. 


Nicole is trying to set up a law and order committee.  Individuals interested can call, email, or FaceBook Message.


Ongoing Business

Sunday morning, October 31st, at 12 Halloween decorations will be getting finished up. 

The playscape in bear park estimate came in. A motion was made and seconded and a vote in favor was made. 


New Business

The association was sent a letter from an attorney,  representing one of our residents that purchased land along Harborview. The resident wants to get the property plotted as a piece of the association. The Residents that neighbor that direct area came to the meeting offered valuable feedback and concerns in regards to the situation. This situation will be updated as it progresses. 


The pump house near the boat club was running through the night. There were calls made. Found out that there is a short in the line that runs from Dixie to the pump house. DTE is assessing the problem. 


The lighthouses are not working. Nick checked the light bulbs and figured it may be a tripped switch or something. Tony Spear volunteered to take meters out to the lighthouses tomorrow and assess the situation.


Christmas tree lighting for the neighborhood was discussed to determine a date and time. The board decided upon December 4th and the time will be 7pm. 


Public Participation

There were concerns expressed as to how many of the school bus drivers drive on residents property around corners as well as the amount of stops. Nicole will call the bus garage about the drivers driving on the grass. Via Facebook messenger and threads, residents have expressed their concern about loose dogs. Nicole will make posts on all forms of social media and web sites that dogs must be on a leash,fenced in yard, or invisible fence. This will protect everyone as well as their animals.



Motion made by Frank and seconded by Nick. All in favor. Meeting concluded at 7:50pm


Our community will abide by the trick or treat times set by Frenchtown,  6:30 – 8pm. Don’t forget to bring the kids by the Pavillion for their goodies and adults, don’t forget to have a donut and have some cider, coffee, or hot cocoa.  We are very excited to share Halloween with you. Happy Halloween and happy haunting 

Meeting Start Time: 7:00pm

End Time: 8:08pm


President- Nicole Fitzgerald- Present                                            Trustee- Victoria Wilcox

Vice President/Head of Grounds- Nick Campbell- Present.       Trustee- Fred Boorgren

Treasurer- Frank Kren- Present

Secretary- Nancy Mouradjian

Previous. meeting minutes were approved by all

Update from previous meeting- The office lighting transfer from florescent lighting to LED was completed. The old flag being properly disposed was discussed at the previous meeting, Tony Spear volunteered to take the flag and have it appropriately disposed of. Thank you Tony Spear for taking care of the flag. Mr. Spear also volunteered his time and sprayed the baseball diamond and by the lighthouses up front with weed killer.

   There has been talks of acquiring the legal by-laws for Detroit Beach. Finally it was narrowed down that we had to contact the Monroe County Registrars Office. They were contacted and relayed that they did not have the man power to look for them and that someone will have to come up and dig them up. The president will be. taking on that task.

   We recently were informed that there are parks at the end of every street, at the waters edge. Nick, V.P. and grounds has begun marking those parks. with signs, table and trash can, starting on 2nd st. Although it is not much, it is something for the residents to enjoy. We need more volunteers for the community.

    Previous contracts for lawn, snow removal and office were in need of being done. All contracts were addressed, renewed or altered. Office staff was put to seasonal due to Detroit Beach Finances. The president will VOLUNTEER time to operate the office. 

   Talk of community volunteer is continuing. The neighborhood needs a lot of work and we need volunteers to do it. The only way to get the volunteers to get park repairs done is by reaching out.

   In a meeting, that occurred quite a few months ago, two homes were due to be condemned. A follow up was done. The two homes are now in the hands of the attorneys and courts and it could take another year before they are knocked down and removed. Nick boarded up the one home for safety purposes. 

   The website was discussed to have it made more user friendly. Spoke with the web designer, and she began work and stated it would be up and running soon.

   Although, pricing out a bathroom for the office was discussed at the previous meeting, it will be put on the back burner. The bathroom at this juncture is more o a want than a need. We first have to focus on the repair of our parks.

Finances- Our financial reports and budgets are a continued work in progress. We will be eliminating mailing payments and stream lining them into auto pay.  No purchases are to be. made without the approval of the treasurer. All have approved the budget and financial reports.

Building,  Maintenance and Grounds- Repairs were done to some signs and a fresh coat of paint was added. We have been looking for a plow truck and didn’t find one in our budget. A new regular work truck will be purchased for the neighborhood. A vote to raise the amount to purchase truck was proposed and voted on, all were in favor. Mr. Spear volunteered to fix a guardrail at 10th st. Tiger Carroll assisted with the repair. Bronson Park has a flooding issue and requires a french drain. Mr. Spear has volunteered to take on the task of completing the large task of correctly installing the french drain for the community. Park signs will be put at every park. Parks all require more mulch, new wood, new tables, benches, paint, repair of equipment. We are kicking off a park revitalization committee. Volunteers will be needed and sign up sheets will be made in the office as well as on FaceBook. Discussion to turn the hockey area into a multisport area was agreed upon.. There was a water leak in Bronson park. It was repaired. Many signs in the neighborhood have to replaced and they have to be actual street regulation.  All asphalt surfaces need repair, sealed or both. 

Halloween- Decorations will begin to be put out. Trick or treating  will take place in the pavilion this year. Frank, Nick and Victoria will begin adding decorations. Donuts, Cider,  and other treats will be purchase. Kerri, one of our residents, has been on her phone pricing out donuts.

New Business- Park Beautification and repairs will begin now but really kick off in spring of 2022. We need to work on volunteers. Working on creating a cost effective but attractive fencing system for the parks. We need to price out paint for structures and stationary table and benches. Discussion of color for our neighborhood took place. A motion for what Colors was made and voted on and approved. The colors will be royal blue with accents of gold. Flood gates will remain unlocked unless there is a reason to lock them. Nicole and Nick have keys. Railings along Edgewater will be repaired with extra  guard railing. All guard rails will be painted white. More mulch will hopefully be able to be dumped sometime in spring around the play equipment. Stationary benches and tables will be lifted, repaired or replaced. Security cameras are being installed. 



Meeting Ajourned