Roll Call of Trustees : All Present


President- Nicole Fitzgerald       Secretary- Nancy Mouradjian

V.P- Nicholas Campbell               Trustee- Fred. Boogren

Treasurer- Frank Kren                 Trustee- Victoria Wilcox


The Review

Let me start by saying, I truly hope that everyones holiday season was wonderful and Happy New Year. I pray that all of our residents have a better year than last. 

Everything has been pretty quiet around the neighborhood. Tony Spear, Frank kren and myself got all of the decorations down. Slowly but surely the neighborhood has resumed its everyday hum without the bustle of the holidays. The office has been at a quiet hum for sometime now, taking a payment here and there, resolving some blight issues and answering some questions. 

This is the time of year that the weather can get the best of us; so please, be safe use a bit more caution when out and check on your neighbors. Many people would love the simple check in.

Meetings will resume on march 30th and will be held every last Wednesday of the month, at  7 pm. If there are changes or cancellations it will be posted on the website, both Facebook pages and on the marque, on the side of the office building. We are looking forward to the hussle of spring. A lot that needs to be done so look for updates in the near future on where and how to volunteer to beautify our community.


There are still some assessments/ HOA dues that still need to be paid and there is a 30% late charge. If you need assistance with a payment plan or are in need of making the assessment payment please feel free to contact us at:


Office– (734) 289-4354


Text Only !!!! (This # DOES NOT Accept CALLS)– (734) 393- 2765




Contact us to find out how to pay by phone. 


or feel free to drop off your check or money order to the office dropbox, you can also mail the check or money order to the :


Detroit Beach Association 

P.O. Box 176

Monroe, Mi 48161


Have a wonderful and safe February. Thank you for being the best neighbors