Roll Call of Trustees


Nicole Fitzgerald- President

Nick Campbell- V.P

Frank Kren- Treasurer

Nancy Mouradjian- Secretary

Fred Boogren- Trustee

Victoria Wilcox-Trustee


Why Isn’t There A Meeting and Friendly Reminders

The December meeting did not happen because of the holidays and the hustle and bustle that comes along with the holidays. If there are any concerns, suggestions, or anything that you would like to express, feel free to contact the office and leave a message, send it through Facebook messenger, e-mail us or utilize our text free number at (734) 393-2765. We would love to hear from you. Remember, if there are issues that require police assistance, that are not of an 911 emergency nature, for faster response, contact Just a friendly REMINDER, if you haven’t paid your ASSESSMENTS or you need to make arrangements please contact us through any of the multiple outlets. 

How did the Tree Lighting Go?

Detroit Beach Association’s first tree lighting was a success. Everyone that joined us on December 4th at 7pm, enjoyed the Christmas tree lighting countdown, Christmas music, hot cocoa, coffee and the best of all comradery with our neighbors. It was so nice to share this moment with all of you. Many of you hung ornaments on the tree to truly help make our community more like an extended family. We shared in a ‘baby’s first Christmas ornament’ being hung as well as ornaments that meant something to our neighbors being placed on our neighborhood tree. This was such a nice gathering and hope that we share many more in the future. Thank you to all that made it possible by donating either their time or their decoration. Happy New year.

The Christmas Decorations

The Christmas decorations and trimming of the bush, to make the wreaths on the lighthouses more noticeable, were done by resident volunteers. Thank you very much for donating your time, at a time of year that “time” is something that is in short supply.



There will be another assessment bill being sent out to those that have not paid with the 30% late charge. If you need assistance with a payment plan or are in need of making the assessment payment please feel free to contact us at:

Office- (734) 289-4354

Text Only- (734) 393- 2765


Contact us to find out how to pay by phone. 

or feel free to drop off your check or money order to the office dropbox, you can also mail the check or money order to the :

Detroit Beach Association 

P.O. Box 176

Monroe, Mi 48161