Meeting Minutes

April 26, 2023


Call to Order 6:30pm 

Roll Call of Trustees

President- Nicole Fitzgerald   (Absent)         Trustee- Fred Boogren(Present)

V.P- Victoria Wilcox  (Present)                      Trustee- Tess Cini (Present)

Secretary- Nancy Mouradjian  (Present)         

Treasurer- Frank Kren (Present)                  


Presidents Report

Hello everyone and welcome to the monthly meeting. I appreciate everyone attending and look forward to hearing some of your suggestions and we will try to address any questions you may have.


In March, the all board members had an executive meeting that consisted of basically encompassing a list of things we needed to accomplish. first and we needed to get organized. We are going to finish up bear park and then move on to another one of the parks. We ordered some new trash cans to put along the Edgewater park. And if they work out, we will start gradually replacing the trash receptacles for ones with lids.


We also discussed getting parks surveyed that don’t have clear property lines, so we can make the boarders clear. We have found out that we need to get the deeds in order to have them surveyed, so that is what we are in the process of doing.  we will start with the Edgewater park at 6th.


The April meeting went well. We had some special guests that will be speaking in regards to the police station that is going in on N. Dixie, across the street from the association. Gary Klemz, standing in for Kyle Bryant, township clerk. Klemz is very knowledgeable about the project. Jim Jacobs the project architect was also there for any questions and to go into some detail.  Sheriff Goodnough also attended  to give all of the residents some more information on their view of the project.


We have had many questions in regards to chicken, and whether we can have them or not. According to the township, and they have addressed this, unless you have an acre you cannot have chickens. 


Treasurer Report

The financial report was shared for review and was approved by the board. The financials are looking good and we should end up in the same positive financial position as we did last year.


The Snow Removal reimbursement information was submitted to the RDA (Resort District Authority). We are currently waiting on the credit to be implemented.


Beautification Committee Report

The Jaws program will start 5/13 and be Twice a month through September. Spring Cleanup will start 5/13 and happen twice a month. We are looking into solar power for the lighthouses. A call was put into DTE and we are awaiting a call back from the department that handles that area in order to get a quote. A light layer of mulch will be put around the Detroit Beach Association sign, just to brighten it up as well as the Bear Park.


Special Guest Speakers

Gary Klemz, Standing in for Township Clerk: Kyle Bryant, Jim Jacobs: Police Station Architect, David Uhl: Township Development Manager, Troy Goodnough: Monroe County Sheriff


The plans for the police station were presented to the attending residents. Our Frenchtown representatives assured the residents that this project will not raise the peoples taxes. 


The building will be 14,000 square ft. The building as well as the grounds will have a nautical theme.The main part of the structure will be the Monroe County Sheriff’s Substation; there will be holding space but it will not be a jail. There are currently 8 deputies assigned to this area and when the substation is complete, there will be 18 deputies and budgeted for 79. This will increase response times, offer safer roads and create the possibility for bike patrol officers.


There will be other areas within the building,  such as, eight (8) small conference rooms. There are also plans for a community center in the back area with storage capacity. The community center will hold 500 people, with a large fully operating kitchen.There are also plans on modifying the light as well as creating a crosswalk there to create a better flow of vehicle and pedestrian traffic. The plans include many outdoor amenities such as a park and a walking path. The plans are still in the development stage, so things can change. 

The project is to start this May. Once the project kicks off, it will take roughly 460 days to complete. This means from the begining with the bids all the way until the end, which is the completion of the building, park areas will still be being developed. During the construction phase, there is the possibility for road blocks on Dixie. If you have any questions or concerns we encourage you to contact the township, they should be able to help.


Public Participation

Questions were asked in regards to bicycle police. Sheriff Goodnough responded that although that is not currently a plan, it is very possible that in the near future there could be bicycle patrol since they will finally be able to accommodate having a bicycle patrol.


Another Question was asked about having recycle bins up at the station. The response to that was no, there are recycle bins currently at the Mall of Monroe. 


Meeting Ajourned – 7:52pm