Voting Began Promptly @ 1pm. Residents that came @ 1 to vote, were Encouraged to Express Any Talking Points that could be Addressed @ the Start of the Meeting @ 2:30 pm.

Meeting called to order by Nicole @ 2:30pm


President- Nicole Fitzgerald(Present)                Trustee- Tony Spear (Present)

V.P- Victoria Wilcox (Present)                              Trustee- Fred. Boogren (Absent) 

Treasurer- Frank Kren    (Present)

Secretary- Nancy Mouradjian (Present)       

Previous Meeting Minutes-  None to approve, since there was not enough new content to hold a meeting. 


Presidents Report

The voting began promptly at 1 pm. The individuals on the ballot for trustee were Nancy, Fred, Sandra and a write in, Tess. There were eleven (11) residents that showed up for voting, five (5) of those residents were board members. The six (6) residents, non-board members, that voted, stayed, shared some thoughts, to be addressed when the meeting formally began and others just waited until 2:30 pm. A couple residents did come into the meeting late, but thankfully came.  


It was nice of the residents to assist in suggestions and concerns prior to the meeting so that the ones we could address immediately, we did and others, we will address at the next meeting because they required some research. 


The formal meeting began promptly at 2:30pm. We began with a huge thank you to the resident for attending as well as all the residents for their patience and guidance with the board throughout our first year since 97% board began late last July 2021. 


We, as a board, realize that with 760+ homes in this community there are many different personalities, schedules, suggestions and perspectives and although we would love to make, meet, or accommodate everyone’s suggestions, schedules, or perspectives, as you know that is almost impossible. Some things that are suggested are not financially possible at the time when mentioned and we may have to try to save for it, other things have to be researched as how and if they can be implemented legally and if they can, then we may have to submit proper paperwork and begin working the proper channels, other things require more money or certain types of work and we simply may not have the means to institute it. We want to work with the community, but we cannot read minds and that is where the meetings come into play. It is a public forum for the resident to address the board, see the budget,  brainstorm and get it all documented for not just a current reminder but also a way to create budgets. 


Secretary Report

Nancy, the association secretary, supplied residents with a year, July 2021 to July 2022, in review. Within this review the growth in finances from last year to current as well as the organization and cleaning up resident information in the system were touched upon. She also, briefly, addressed other things that have been done throughout the year with events, grounds and maintenance,  and beautification. The committees delved into their designated areas more.


Committee Reports 


Financial/Treasurer Report (Frank)


  • $12,000 in savings year over year in costs. Which will allow us to do much need improvements throughout the neighborhood.
  • Utility bills were renegotiated for a monthly savings of $30.00. Continue to renegotiate for savings 
  • Continually updating errors/inaccurate information in the accounting system.
  • 15-20 hours per week are donated into the financial records, bookkeeping, banking, and mailing information.
  • Continuing to find a way to accept payments electronically at a better cost. To save at costs, we are suspending the acceptance of Credit/Debit cards, per the recommendation of the accountant.
  • Presented 2022/2023 Budget


Building, Maintenance and Grounds

The building and grounds committee has done numerous jobs, with the help of the J.A.W.s program and other volunteers. A year in review of jobs completed: 

  • French drain @ Bronson Park for flooding
  • New mulch @ Bronson and Bear Park
  • Repaired broken slide Bear Park
  • Repaired broken parts on jungle gym fire truck @ Bear Park
  • Clean up graffiti in numerous areas
  • Replaced some faded traffic signs
  • Replace street signs
  • Fixed leak on office
  • Minor structure repairs on office
  • Repaired electrical short with lighthouses
  • Repaired picnic tables
  • Pulled out some of the damaged metal on some benches @ Bronson Park
  • Tree planting
  • Aided beautification in planting Hostas @ Bear Park sign
  • Repaired rotted basketball court benches
  • Updated lighting in the office to LED 
  • Replaced basketball nets
  • Regular park clean up for 5 parks
  • Repair issues with backhoe
  • Moved boulders in Bear Park Parking areas so that they could be used
  • Removing rocks from front Detroit Beach sign
  • Aided beautification committee in planting and mulching around front  Detroit Beach sign
  • Aided beautification in removing bush in front of lighthouse
  • Keeping weed killer sprayed in parking area @ Bear Park, Lighthouses
  • Keeping baseball field clean
  • Roadkill cleanup
  • Beach cleanup

and more. 


To volunteer, reach out to us for more information through Facebook messenger, Text only# (734) 393-2765, email or leave a message on our office phone (734) 289-4354


Law and Order Committee

Monroe County Sheriff, Troy Goodnough, was our special guest at the meeting. So that we could meet some of the residents and the sheriffs schedule, the sheriff was the first person to start the meeting.  He came to address many things that were in question, giving us an update on the new sheriff’s hub going in across from the association on the other side of Dixie, as well as take complaints and supply us with information that many may need, such as the email and the non-emergency phone number that Detroit beach has posted on both facebook pages as well as the fully functioning website. The sheriff informed us that the building contract for the new sheriff’s hub was awarded. Sheriff Goodnough discussed in detail how dispatch works, the fact that it is not controlled by the sheriff’s department and whom, Donna Cutty or Leslie Clayton,  to contact if dispatch is not delivering efficient and polite assistance as well as that all of the calls are recorded for reference if ever needed. He also explained when all of the beach associations adopted the universal traffic code and how that works. He answered many questions regarding the safety concerns of the trains blocking E. Hurd and Sandy Creek , golf carts, speeders, how many citations were passed down, the officers right to use discretion and more. He also addressed the importance and pride that the sheriff’s department takes with handling everyone’s complaint, question or concern like it is the most important thing, because, to the resident, at that time, it is the most important thing and the sheriffs department wants the residents to know that.


Parking in the park’s parking areas is for the parks and for the OCCASIONAL overflow of guests you may have at your home. If a busy event is the case at your home, please contact us and let us know so that we can get your guests temporary guest passes that have to be returned to the office in the dropbox or in person if someone is available. If you are at a park to visit the park, please make sure that you have your pass in the window so that you do not get your vehicle towed or ticketed.


 Please, keep a vigilant eye on your surroundings. Call the non-emergency, (734) 243-7070, number for the police to look into suspicious activity, this phone number will get a car out asap according to Sheriff Goodnough. The  is still functioning for things that do not require immediate assistance. This will help keep our neighborhood safe and looking nice and it’s almost like a type of neighborhood watch.


Beautification and Event Committee

Frank and Victoria. 

Frank and a few others worked on the flower bed around the Detroit Beach Association sign near Dixie. Frank and Victoria are always looking for suggestions and volunteers.  If you are interested in being a part of the beautification committee reach out to us for more information through Facebook messenger, Text only# (734) 393-2765, email or leave a message on our office phone (734) 289-4354. Thank you


Ongoing Business

Frank, treasurer, is currently working on a digital platform for HOA bills and invoicing payments; this is not expected to be functional this billing season, which begins early September. The more resident emails that we can get the easier it will be for the treasure to get this system up and running for the residents. As of Now, the only way to pay your dues, from when you receive them in September until November 1st, is with check or money order. NO cash or card. The influx of card usage last season showed that it is not cost effective; we were charged on every transaction.  So if you are interested in receiving you HOA bill electronically feel free to contact us through Facebook messenger, Text only# (734) 393-2765, email or leave a message on our office phone (734) 289-4354.

KVoting Results

The individuals that were voted on for trustee were; Nancy, Fred, Sandra and a write-in, Tess. All individuals were voted into their trustee positions. 


New Business



Public Participation

There were Mr. Fry asked the sheriff about the train situation on Hurd and Sandy creek and what the complaint options are. Multiple residents asked the sheriff different questions pertaining to dispatch. Mr. Cini asked board about ice fishing and going out on the ice during the season. Shirley, one of our residents that could not make it but wanted to participate, did send in a question about getting mulch or mats under the swings at Bear Park. We did address this question and will figure out something that is cost effective, will not get displaced all over from using one’s feet to slow down, and implement it next spring.



Motion made by Frank accepted by Nancy and seconded by Nicole. All in favor. Meeting concluded at 3:45pm