President- Nicole Fitzgerald                    Trustee- Tony Spear 

V.P- Victoria Wilcox                                   Trustee- Fred. Boogren 

Treasurer- Frank Kren     

Secretary- Nancy Mouradjian        


President Report and Office

Hello  wonderful residents. This is just a little update about the hustle and bustle that has been going on through the month of June. 


Vets with nets was a wonderful success. Thank you to all that volunteered and to the residents that put out flags to make the Vets feel more special.


 Our spring garage sale days went well. I have noticed some lemonade stands popping up in the neighborhood. If you see these young entrepreneurs selling lemonade or anything in their front yards, stop in and show some support.


The office has collected many new resident updates, so if you have a new neighbor take a moment and introduce yourself and welcome them to the neighborhood. If there are new residents that are reading this, welcome. Other things that have occured within the office are: taking more pavilion rentals and some HOA/assessment payments, paying bills, organizing quickbooks, working on organizing the filing system and the office as a whole. 



The treasure has worked hard at making an actual budget for the association. The budget began as a working budget last August and has evolved into a pretty accurate depiction of what goes out in bills and what is available for spending for maintenance, beautification and the little extras such as Halloween, Christmas and Easter. Our treasurer as well as myself have been working on making our Quickbooks system more accurate. A treasurer position can be a tedious task; so if you happen to see our treasurer, Frank Kren, thank him for donating his time. 


Grounds & Maintenance 

Grounds have been very busy as well. Tony works with the JAWs program (community service) doing work throughout the neighborhood. They have repaired guardrails, taken out bushes, cleaned up many areas throughout the association, emptied garbage cans, done mulch in the parks, helped the beautification committee and so much more. This too is a taxing and time consuming job, so next time you see Tony and the crew out working, say thank you for donating time. 



Beautification and grounds worked together to revitalize the Detroit Beach Association sign at Grand Blvd and North Dixie. The rocks were taken out and relocated. Ground greenery, flowers and decorative evergreen trees were planted and red mulch was put around the sign. Thank you to Tony, Frank, Deb, and the gentlemen from the JAWs program. 


Mark Your Calendar 

July 16 annual meeting voting 1-2:30, meeting promptly following.


HOA dues/Assessment bills negin going out first week of September and DUE by November 1st


Fall Garage Sale Days will be September 8, 9, 10 and 11th


Law & Order 

Law and order has dealt with a lot of complaints with blight. The blight inspector is currently working on that. This is a neighborhood not a dragstrip, so please slow down. If you have “the need, the need for speed”, Milan and Norwalk Drag strip would love to see you.


We have had many street signs and the breaker walls plastered with graffiti. Thank you to Tony for swapping out the scathed signs and thank you to a long-time resident for keeping our breaker wall clean.There was a tether ball put out in Bear park and then it was pulled off and destroyed. There was also a mini tree planted in the old tree stump so that the local kids could create a small fairy garden and that too was ripped out of the soil and tossed. The little tree was located, and we did try to replant, but it was just too damaged to survive.  There is a camera in the pavilion but both incidents took place just outside of the camera perimeters.  There will be other cameras put up to capture any future incidents, hopefully there won’t be any, but if there are any other incidents, the footage will just be turned over to the authorities. This may seem drastic but we are not police and this is just some of the damage that occurs and damage financially adds up. 


HOA DUES/Assessments 

We will be sending out new HOA/assessment bills starting the first week in September, So, watch those email boxes and mailboxes for your bills beginning September. If you have not paid last year HOA dues/ assessments please reach out to us by calling the office (734) 289-4354, TEXT ONLY (734) 393-2765, email or through Facebook messenger.


All of our Detroit Beach Officers and Board members love freely volunteering our time to make this association everything that it can be.