Call Meeting to Order at 7:00 pm by Frank Kren and seconded by Victoria

President- Nicole Fitzgerald(Absent)    Trustee- Tony Spear (Present)

V.P- Nicholas Campbell (Present)        Trustee- Fred. Boogren (Present) 

Treasurer- Frank Kren    (Present)        Trustee- Victoria Wilcox (Present)

Secretary- Nancy Mouradjian (Present)


Nick declined to run the meeting. The meeting was ran by Frank 


Previous Meeting Minutes-  None to be approved


Presidents Report

At 6:30 pm all board members did a second vote on a previous,voted in trustee, Tony Spear, due to some concern that quorum was not met. With only one board member, Nicole Fitzgerald, absent, this was a very good opportunity to assure that quorum was met. Frank, Nancy, Fred, and Victoria were a yes. Nick was a No.


Over the winter there was still office business being conducted. There were many HOA payments that were received, which is always a wonderful thing. This is, after all, what pays for the repairs and other types of upkeep as well as any events that are held by and within the association. There was also other paperwork that went out in terms of new homes being sold and some tax paperwork as well as monthly updates to the residents and answering questions or supplying information requested by residents. 


The office computer died, and a new one had to be purchased. Since the computer was old, like our printer, the printer was useless with the new computer, since the driver for that printer is obsolete. This caused us to also have to purchase a new printer that was compatible with the new computer. 

Presidents Report continued

A majority of the payments that were taken over the late fall months and all of winter were done by phone. This seemed to work for many residents. They loved the convenience and the efficiency of the emailed receipts. 


I am sure that many have seen the mention on our many public forums referring to the Firefighters selling flowers and  VETs with Nets having their fundraiser at the boat club. The Frenchtown firefighters will be selling flowers, in the front of the neighborhood, for Mother’s Day on May 7, 2022.  VETS with Nets will be returning to the boat club again this year to host their event to take Vets out fishing. This event takes place on June 11, 2022 and they ask that everyone, especially those that live on Grand put out their American flag to support our vets. 


On Saturday April 2,2022, there was an Easter egg hunt for the residents’ kids. This was such a nice time and a success. Thank you all that were able to come out. Thank you to the residents that paid their HOA fees, because without that, the events like the Easter egg hunt, Christmas and Halloween could not happen. Thank you to all that assisted in the set up and clean up for the Easter egg hunt too. Together, is how we make this neighborhood continually grow into something magically awesome.


Committee Reports 

Financial/Treasurer Report (Frank)

Frank’s working budget is becoming more accurate as Frank enters the detailed incoming and outgoing of association money that occurs on a regular basis. Creating a factual budget is a work in progress since there was never a budget before. Currently, we have a first time, positive balance, prior to snow removal reimbursement. This is fantastic because the extra money allows for much needed repairs, painting and beautification within our association. Frank also contacted Charter Spectrum and got our bill lowered, every little bit matters. Frank continues to monitor our bills and works to get the most affordable pricing; doing this allows savings that can be placed back into the community.


 Building, Maintenance and Grounds

Official committee leads were not established until this meeting. Tony Spear will head grounds and maintenance. The new slide piece for Bear Park’s playscape slide has been repaired with new equipment. The parks, Bear and Bronson, need more mulch around the play equipment. There was a dwarf Arborvitae planted in the old Oak truck so that we could create something for the kids to create a fairy garden. There is also some graffiti popping up throughout the neighborhood that will be cleaned up. 


Tony and Fred will contact JAWS about getting help with cleaning and repairs that are needed throughout the Association. This is a great possible opportunity for the association.


We may be needing volunteers to assist with the committee. Reach out to the us for more information through Facebook messenger, Text only# (734) 393-2765, email or leave a message on our office phone (734) 289-4354


Law and Order Committee

Blight will begin again since the weather is nice, let’s keep our neighborhood looking good. Video cameras are going to be up and running in some of the parks to help deter vandalism. Any damage that is caught on camera will be turned into the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department. Please, keep a vigilant eye on your surroundings. Call the non-emergency, (734) 243-7070, number for the police to look into suspicious activity, this phone number will get a car out asap according to Sheriff Goodnough. The  is still functioning for things that do not require immediate assistance. This will help keep our neighborhood safe and looking nice and it’s almost like a type of neighborhood watch.


Beautification and Event Committee

This committee will be led by Frank and Victoria. Frank and Victoria will spearhead the beautification of the neighborhood by planting trees and flowers, things that will just make the neighborhood better. We will be needing volunteers to continually assist the committee with the 


beautification. Reach out to the us for more information through Facebook messenger, Text only# (734) 393-2765, email or leave a message on our office phone (734) 289-4354


Ongoing Business

The By-laws have a couple of areas that are not congruent with the Articles of Incorporation or Michigan State law. There are areas that are subjective and need to be clarified. It is also suggested by attorneys that By-laws are updated, even if there is no change to them, every 5 years. The final draft will be submitted to an attorney for accuracy and then remitted to the residents.


The board continues to improve their functionality to better suit the needs of our residents.


New Business

Frank, treasurer, is currently working on a digital platform for HOA invoicing and taking payments for the convenience of our residents. The more resident emails that we can get the easier it will be for the treasure to get this system up and running for the residents. 


Garage sale days will be held June 2, 3, 4 and 5, 2022. This falls on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 


Meetings are now conducted with sign in sheets, at the beginning of each meeting for both the board and the residents. These sign in sheets require board members to print, sign and date the form. The residents have to check in with the treasurer, the treasurer will make sure that your HOA fees are current for participation purposes, then the resident will write their address down, print, sign, and date sign in sheet. This is done for meeting legality purposes. 


If there are any complaints that need to be addressed about any board member, please email Within the email there needs to be the complaint against who, as well as the details, there also need to be a date, time and your name and phone number. This is for legality and official purpose. No phone calls can be accepted for this type of complaint. Hearsay and personal vendettas are not applicable because of easily disputed legality. Not liking someone or having a disagreement is not a viable complaint, it is subjective and will not be accepted for legal purposes. 


Public Participation

Tim Long needed a tree form. Tim Long’s son can assist with the rubber mulch. 


Motion made by Frank and seconded by Victoria. All in favor. Meeting concluded at 7:30pm