Nicole Fitzgerald-President

Nick Campbell-V.P

Frank Kren-Treasurer

Nancy Mouradjian-Secretary

Victoria Wilcox-Trustee

Fred Boogren-Trustee



Detroit Beach Association did not have a meeting due to two factors. The first factor was that the meeting would have fallen the day before Thanksgiving and it was determined in the October meeting that everyone would be extremely busy with the holiday. The second reasoning to not have a meeting was because, there was simply nothing new to report. The financials are of course, available for the month of November upon request.


Although we did not have a meeting doesn’t mean that these turkeys were idol. Some of the guardrails were pulled in for the winter for some work. Other guardrails were repaired and already put out. We still continue to try to keep the residents in the know by updating our Facebook pages and website with important information and even not so important. We continue to collect assessments and try to work with residents that have fallen on hard times. We hope that all of the neighborhood turkeys had a wonderful Thanksgiving and if you don’t celebrate, we just hope your days were full of good health.  We try to come up with ideas to bring this community closer, for instance, our upcoming Christmas tree lighting.

Many neighborhood elves were up to mischievous collaborations, making plans for the Christmas tree lighting that will take place December 4th at 7pm. Neighborhood elves gathered their ornaments and donated them to the our Association; so that the real neighborhood magic could occur. The neighborhood can truly come together by decorating the tree as a community, after the tree is lit. The festivities may possibly need something to make the tree lighting a little better, so the elves decided that hot cocoa, coffee and Christmas music were required. Finally, what is the season without a lot of lights? There has been much instigation by the head elf to have the most decorated neighborhood in all of the festive lands and wooowee, these neighborhood elves have brought their “A” game. There have been more and more Christmas lights popping up throughout this amazing neighborhood, thank you everyone, they look awesome.

We truly hope, no matter your view on Christmas, you know that you are welcome to join in the togetherness of the tree lighting and that we would all love to have you. Not everyone has the same beliefs and that is fine because that is what makes you, you and others, them and makes us a community. The events that we have are simply something to bring the community together and give a little smile and fun to that person that may need it. All are welcome


We appreciate everyone that continues to jump in and help. Volunteering is not a paid job by cash, but it is a paid job by appreciation, seeing that your hard work pay off in the end, respect for your community. Volunteers come in all fashions, so don’t be afraid to reach out. We are always bustling, working on things for the association, and sometimes we forget to ask for help. In spring things will really begin to get crazy, so if you’d like to jump in, expose yourselves to goofiness, bad jokes and hard work, let us know, we would love to have you.


Watch out for your community. Neighborhood watches are one of the top things that deter crime and poor decision making. If you see something, EMAIL . By doing this, we will get faster response from officers and the perpetrator is more likely to be caught. This goes for speeders, reckless drivers, suspicious behavior near or at a home or park. UTILIZE THIS TOOL. Safer community means happier residents, less issues, lower insurance costs and higher resales.


If you have not paid your dues, there will be a 30% late fee added to your payment. Please pay, before they get out of control. If you are in need of a payment plan, please reach out. You can reach someone using any of the following methods:



TEXT ONLY NUMBER (734) 393-2765




This season isn’t always as joyful to some. For whatever the reason, a little extra patience and kindness goes along way.